PLAY: A local artist exhibit

A group exhibition

Oliver+james - our space was designed with cultivation and creation in mind. We are uplifted and driven as individuals and artists to grow, practice and share.

This exhibit is the second exhibit curated + hosted by Oliver+james Salon, following 2017 show “Places We Go”. Intended to push ourselves and our artistic community to share their works and their voice and celebrate connection.

We invite artists of all experience levels to expound on the theme and create a new composition for this exhibit debut. We believe pushing ourselves in exploration of these prompts is a valuable exercise in personal growth and fuels the spirit of creativity in our community.

Exhibition Background

Curatorial Statement:

I’m invited to play daily by my daughter.

Over the years as a mother, I’ve been witness to how free this state of being is- this playfulness. It’s an inspiration in experimenting, in imagining, in bringing something to life that is for nothing but the sake of joy. She can play anywhere, with anything, and anyone. This is truly what creative spirit means.

I experience my own resistance daily- a mode that is closed to possibility or imagination in my own practice of creating. I spot my limitations- set upon over the years as I’ve grown away from natural playfulness.

Practicing the mindset of PLAY- I want to explore what is born out of creating with nothing holding me back. Ignoring fear and self-judgment. Seeking out in myself what is silly and lighthearted and joyful. Making up anything, from anything- because I want to. Because it is fun. Because it makes me laugh.

Shylah Kay

Creative curator and human trying to play more.

PLAY will be a collection of works from humans seeking to recover/uncover/discover their own playful heart.

What brings you joy to imagine and make?

What is silly and inventive?

Inviting artists to explore where they’ve been resistant because of judgments and fear, opens up a world of possibility.

PLAY will be an exploration of our creative child-like spirits and a reminder that it’s within all of us if we seek it out.

The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by the play instinct.”    —Carl Jung



  • Oliver+james Creative Team will select artists to be in the exhibition

  • Cost of submission $5

  • Artists must provide 2d work with display solutions.

  • Final pieces must be framed/mounted and ready to hang/stand

  • All art is clearly marked with artists name, title, medium, dimensions and retail cost

  • Artists are responsible for the delivery and pick up of their work.


Artwork dropped off by Friday Oct. 26th

Submissions Closed Wednesday Oct. 3rd

Chosen Artist Contacted Thursday Oct. 4th

Show opening Reception Friday Nov. 2nd

Show Closing Friday Nov. 16th


Having your piece for sale is encouraged, but not required. Sales of art will be handled by Oliver+james Salon and 80% commission will be paid to the Artists via Paypal or Check upon the closing of the show.


The exhibition will be marketed through the use of posters, direct email marketing, and social media. Digital submission images may be used for this. Artist encouraged to share through personal platforms

Artist Application

Name *
Phone *
(Are you open and free naturally? Have you created a practice that lets you be free or are you stuck in self judgement and limitation? Somewhere in between?)
What will you create as you explore these prompts to open up your creative spirit.
Include: Medium, dimensions, technique etc.